FACETED WATERMELON TOURMALINE GEMSTONE NECKLACES. Featuring all the rich & vibrant watermelon colors of the genuine tourmaline gemstone. Each necklace is designed with petite 4MM faceted beads of all the watermelon colors.

Accented with 14/20% Gold Filled Beads & A Pearl Clasp.
For Durability, We string these Necklaces on a 7 strand miniature Jewelers cable wire; This Jewelers wire is nylon coated; They are Very Durable!
Note: We stay Within the Heirloom Quality of our Gemstones pictured in these photos.

Professionally & Lovingly Hand-Crafted, Durable Heirloom Jewelry by Lucia & Robert, A Husband & Wife Team of Texas Artisans; Creating One-of-a-kind designs with Authentic Pearls & Genuine Gemstones. We Stand behind All our work with 20+ years of providing Custom Quality Jewelry. A timeless collection of Durable Heirloom QUALITY Jewelry with Affordability.

Each Necklace strand is Sold Individually. Buy one or more for this multi-strand effect.
Our Genuine Gemstones or Pearls may vary slightly in size & color.
All of our Genuine Stones have No Stains, No Dyes, are ever used in Lucia’s Gemstone Jewelry.
We’re Keeping it Real!

Available Sizes:
19 inch @ $235.
20 inch @ $245.
22 inch @ $265.