Small triangular stone (18x12mm) 11.ctw.
The Green is Malachite, The Blue is Azurite. These two Gemstones Naturally grow together in Nature’s most Unique Artistic patterns.

Hand-Crafted SilverSmithing by Lucia & Robert; Each Ring is made with Solid Sterling Silver (9.25).
Each contains adjustable Sizes Ranging from: 8.0 – 8.5 – 9.0 -9.5

From Left to Right:
1st (left) Malachite/Azurite Ring @ $397. each.
Small triangular stone (18x12mm) 11.ctw.

• 2nd (center) Malachite/Azurite Ring @ $397. each.
A long thin Oval (32x9mm) 16.ctw.

• 3rd (right) Malachite /Azurite Ring @ $397. each.
Medium Trapezium (22x13mm) 12.ctw.