KEEPING IT REAL! Genuine Cultured “PEARLS” Bracelets, Accented with 2mm 14K/20% Gold filled beads & a Filigree Pearl Clasp, Simple Elegance. These Quality Luminescent Pearls are Durable & have the longevity of jewelry you can pass-on to future generations. The Natural white Nacre finish is created by the Fresh-water Mollusk itself. We String & Design each Bracelet on a durable professional jeweler’s wire that’s nylon coated and is water resistant.

Professionally & Lovingly Hand-Crafted, Durable Heirloom Jewelry by Lucia & Robert, A Husband & Wife Team of Texas Artisans; Creating One-of-a-kind designs with Authentic Pearls & Genuine Gemstones. We Stand behind All our work with 20+ years of providing Custom Quality Jewelry. A timeless collection of Durable Heirloom QUALITY Jewelry with Affordability.

Each Bracelet is Sold individually. Our Genuine Pearl sizes may vary slightly, very minimal. Our Genuine Pearls have No Stains, Nor Dyes are ever used in Lucia’s Gemstone Jewelry.

Available Sizes:
small- 7 inches
medium- 7.5 inches
large- 8 inches
x-large- 8.5 inches